Top Brussels design

In a striking building shaped according to Brussels traditions Le Toison d’Or combines 12,000 m² of luxurious commercial space with prestigious top class apartments. Thanks to a carefully enclosed interior green space, inhabitants can withdraw at any time from the bustle of city life and relax.

With the rich cultural choice of numerous museums, concert halls, clubs and exhibitions, the city district around Le Toison d’Or has everything the modern city dweller could wish for. The hundreds of restaurants and eateries bring the best of what the world has to offer in the culinary field in the palm of your hand. The proximity of the Egmont Park and the Warande Park gives the district the necessary breathing space.

The retail area developed by specialist Prowinko houses the best boutiques and flagship stores that a capital has to offer. This makes Le Toison d’Or the perfect addition to the shopping area in the South-East of Brussels which is known as one of Europe’s most important fashion districts. The underground car park complex makes it easily accessible by car.